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Everything is better when everybody serves.

Motivated by our Forward and Outward postures, we are committed to thoughtfully responding to the challenges of our world. We are prepared to risk our comfort and security as we engage in acts of service.


Areas of Focus

In response to challenges we observe in our community, we have chosen to direct our energy to four areas of focus.

Truth and Reconciliation

  • We acknowledge that the church has not always been a peaceful presence as we have engaged with the world. This is particularly true of the relationship of the church and Indigenous people of Canada. As we learn from the past and envision a new future we are committed to work towards Truth & Reconciliation.
    Truth & Reconciliation Resources

Families at Risk

  • Every year hundreds of children are being removed from their homes. The reasons are vast and complex and require response at a multitude of levels. Support is needed for birth families, kinship families, foster families, and for the individual children and youth who need a safe place to call home.

Migration & Resettlement

  • We recognize that resettling in a new country and city is often a challenging journey. Creating a new home in an unfamiliar land can be isolating and lonely. In response to God’s call to hospitality and inclusion we seek to respond to the needs of those new to this country in an effort to walk alongside those who are creating a new life and home in Saskatoon.

Creation Care

  • We believe God’s call to care for creation is clear in scripture. Humans have been empowered as stewards of the earth, yet we have often taken this gift for granted. We want to take this responsibility seriously and embrace our calling to work together with God for the flourishing of creation.

Ministry Partners

In the spirit of humility and collaboration we have chosen to intentionally work together with these ministry partners.

MCC Saskatchewan

  • Mennonite Central Committee shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.

Sons and Daughters

  • Sons and Daughters seeks to surround and support foster families and those offering kinship care through various levels of commitment and relationship.

Guiding Principles

We believe our acts of service should be shaped by these guiding principles.


  • We accept God’s invitation to participate in the healing of our world. We desire to respond to realities of injustice, poverty, and abuse of power. We commit to joining God in the renewal of all things, knowing that God is present and already at work in our world.


  • We believe that in order to thoughtfully respond to the challenges of our world we must become active learners. We desire to learn in preparation for service, as we serve, and in response to our service. In humility, we open our eyes and hearts to be challenged as we seek to learn from others.


  • We recognize that too often acts of service reinforce the imbalance of power that exists in our world. As we engage the world around us we desire to come alongside others in mutuality with the hope that all would come away feeling seen, valued, and empowered. We seek to participate in shared experiences that lead to lifelong friendships.

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