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Wrestling with God’s story as we find our place among God’s people.

Being a young adult isn’t easy. All the routines you’ve known for your first 18 years have disappeared, and now you are expected to figure out what to do for the rest of your life. Where to go to school? Do you want to go to school? Who you are going to marry? Do you want to get married? How to connect with people who aren’t your age? How to budget? How to make meals beyond Kraft Dinner? Not to mention trying to figure out what you think about Jesus and the people who follow him. No pressure, right?

At Lakeview Young Adults we want to relieve some of that pressure. We are committed to becoming a community who follows Jesus together. We create space to wrestle with God’s story as we find our place among God’s people. 


Join in, as we tackle life’s big questions together with people of all ages and stages of life. You might even find someone to help you with your taxes.

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Sundays @ 7:00pm

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