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Home Church is where we FOLLOW Jesus together in our world.

It’s our small size environment designed to facilitate friendships and unpack what it means to follow Jesus in practical, meaningful ways. Home Church is for people who are eager to be part of transformative relationships through learning, support, and acts of service.

Time together is spent forming relationships with one another, exploring Sunday’s teaching, and praying for one another.

Meet the leaders of our current Home Churches:

Brian & Vicki’s Home Church

Wednesday Evenings

BrianVicki (1).jpg

Carly & Tyler’s Home Church

Sunday Evenings

carly & Tyler.jpg

Darlene & Randy’s Home Church

Wednesday Evenings

darlene and randy.jpg

Jared & Katherine’s Home Church (for Young Adults)

Tuesday Evenings


John & Nancy’s Home Church

Wednesday Evenings


Justin & Sarah’s Home Church

Sunday Afternoons

JustinSarah (1).jpg

Mark & Marilyn’s Home Church

Monday Evenings


Fred & Gina's Home Church

Monday Evenings

Don & Susan's Home Church

Tuesday Evenings

Moe & Linda's Home Church


Kimbal and LoraLee's Home Church

Tuesday Evenings

Heather & Fred's Home Church

Thursday Evenings

Ben & Kirsten's Home Church

Tuesday Evenings

Elizabeth & Neil's Home Church

Wednesday Evenings

Alyson, Sherryl & Melissa's Home Church

Tuesday Evenings

If you have any questions regarding Home Church, email

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