The 2020-2021 season marks Lakeview's 100th anniversary. This milestone not only speaks to where we've been, but to where we are going. It's a legacy we can join and grow. But how do we 'Join God in the Renewal of all Things' during a worldwide pandemic? Truthfully, I don't know. However, I do think we can discern the way forward together.
With this particular year in mind, our pastoral team has designed practical teaching and accompanying tools in a coordinated effort to unify all age groups. The operations team has developed systems and standards to keep you informed when you're on the go and safe when on-site. And the church board has given us the green light to adapt as necessary to whatever lies ahead.
So, where does that leave you?
This new season is your invitation to walk in step with the saints who have come before us. To follow Jesus when you don't know which way to go. To be empowered by God's Spirit when you're out of strength. To rest in God's peace precisely when life is in chaos.
We can't control what this next year may bring, but we can respond to who God is and to what God is actively doing. It won't look like it has in the past, but that might open the door for God to do something new. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Join In,
Joe Manafo
Lead Pastor