Are you struggling to pay off student loans? Finding it hard to keep a handle on your household expenses? Wishing you were saving more for your future? Trying to figure out what it means to trust God more fully with your finances? 

Lakeview Church is offering a Financial Training Course called REALIGN. 


REALIGN will unpack what God desires for your financial life and how to handle the resources you have been entrusted. REALIGN will help you get beyond the surface level problems of debt, stress, and money fights, and address these problems from the inside out. REALIGN will teach you how to develop a spending plan, get out of debt and give generously. But it will also teach you how to deal with the underlying issues that are taking you out of alignment in the first place.

Cost is $20/person.

WHERE: Lakeview Church Theatre

WHEN: Sunday Evenings 7-8:30PM  

          March 15, 22, 29

          April 5, 19, 26