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Neighbourhood churches is about integrating what you believe where you live, work and play

Neighbourhood Churches is the goal, but not as a landing point, as a launching point. It’s a brave step away from being afraid and keeping our distance from the world, to helping heal it. We become Kingdom hotspots at home, work, and in our social circles. Like Jesus, it’s an incarnational approach where the Good News becomes flesh and blood and moves into the neighbourhood. (John 1:14)

Here are three excellent places to start:

Party Planners

Hospitality is a value of God’s kingdom. What if you intentionally (Once a week? Once a month?) invited people into your home for a meal? No strings attached. Put out the good dishes. Invite neighbours, co-workers, your Small Group. The goal: To love people. Who knows where it could lead?

Change Agents

What is going on in your neighbourhood (Programs? Projects? Leadership networks? Babysitting needs? Property care or maintenance?)? What are the opportunities that exist right on your doorstep? Why not let your name stand for a position or volunteer your time? The goal: To love people. Where could God take something like that?

Prayer Walkers

What if you walked the streets of your neighbourhood and just prayed for the people who live and work there? Say 20-30 minutes a day no matter the weather. The goal: To love people. What could God do with that kind of ownership?

Join In.